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Gauteng may be the smallest province in South Africa, but it is certainly an integral one in terms of political influence, commerce, history, culture and entertainment. With a population of well over 12 million folk, it is home to almost a quarter of South African locals, while it only makes up 1.4% of its physical area. Significantly, it contributes more than one-third of South Africa’s economy.

Much of the historical wealth of Gauteng is based on the fossils of humans and animals that indicate that this was home to prehistorical societies. In fact, parts of Gauteng are believed by archaeologists and anthropologists to be the very origin of modern humankind. However, a much more recent history permeates Gauteng too. When gold and diamonds were discovered here during the 19th century, people from all over Europe rushed into South Africa in the hope of finding their fortune. This is why some places are still characterised by the architecture and even smatterings of culture of old-world European influences.

Johannesburg and Pretoria are the two main epicentres of Gauteng. Johannesburg is the province’s capital, while Pretoria is one of the country’s capitals. Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa, and is home to a number of fabulous attractions and activities. It is also the home of the OR Tambo International Airport, which is the main point of entry for international tourists, whether for recreation or business. Pretoria is a smaller, prettier town that lies very near to Johannesburg. It is historical, telling a fascinating story of the heritage of this land.

The vast majority of Gauteng is dedicated to urban areas. However, there are gorgeous natural spaces between and among these that provide really lovely vistas of unspoilt Africa.


Johannesburg is the entertainment and commercial epicentre of South Africa. It is constantly abuzz; host to millions of international visitors, exciting events and an endless variety of activities and attractions ...


The Midrand is a chic hub of activity in Johannesburg, home to an important variety of businesses and recognised for its role in the major developments of the city. As such, it is a popular spot for those seeking fast-paced ...


Randburg is one of the epicentres of shopping and commerce in Johannesburg, a veritable paradise for shopaholics and entertainment junkies alike. It balances this retail element with gorgeous residential areas too ...


The cosmopolitan suburb of Sandton is about glitz and glamour; a commercial hub that is also famous for its world-class shopping and restaurants. It is known as the richest square mile in Africa, and it is not hard to see why ...

East Rand

For a slower, more relaxed pace amidst the hustle and bustle of Gauteng, the East Rand provides a welcome retreat. Still, it is close enough to the heart of Johannesburg to be convenient and accessible ...

West Rand

The West Rand successfully combines natural beauty with historical import to make for a fabulously diverse destination. This is a more rural part of Gauteng, ideal for those wanting a break from city life ...


Breath-taking beauty and natural riches await visitors to the Magaliesberg Region in Gauteng. These are recognised as the oldest mountains in the world and are, therefore, more than just exquisite to look at. They are also ...

Southern Gauteng

Southern Gauteng is a central part of the province, a fabulous spot from which to explore the activities and attractions of Gauteng. Here, natural beauty and convenient accessibility to some of the most important local amenities ...

Northern Gauteng

Northern Gauteng is a charming combination of rural countryside coupled with the convenience and historical charm of Pretoria. It is an ideal destination for those wanting to explore Johannesburg without being caught up in the ...


Pretoria, or Jacaranda City, is the administrative capital of the country, making it extremely significant politically and historically. More than this, it is a picturesque little town that is charming and inviting ...
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